How did the story of Little Sticker Doodles begin?

I'm Emma (Head Honcho over at Little Sticker Doodles) and I love designing and creating new things. I can often be found with a pen in hand, doodling away on paper to my heart's content.

I particularly love typography and started my first Etsy shop venture with calligraphy pieces. It was then that I decided to create my own stationery to streamline my business and in doing so I realised that I'd love to offer similar designs to others for their own home or business use. This is how the story of Little Sticker Doodles began.

We started with some simple return address labels, opened a new Etsy store and our business grew from there. Our range of stationery has gradually expanded into new areas and we're proudly still growing. You can find our Etsy store at

The website is our newest step in blossoming further from 2021 onwards.

Emma x